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How to Preserve Dried Flowers in Jar?

No matter whether it is the bridal bouquet, anniversary and Valentine’s Day floral arrangement, or gorgeous flowers vase gathered from your garden, drying flowers can preserve the beauty & sentimental value much better than fresh flowers. The dry flowers actually make best home decor and used in various craft projects. Preservation method that you use may depend on a look that you want to achieve or type of flowers in a jar.

Choose the right flowers to preserve

Firstly, you will have to choose the right flowers. The fully bloomed flowers can make the best display. You may also arrange it in contrast with the small buds and at the different stages of the bloom. Have the sharp pruning shears that will cut down the flower stems. Select the right time when you wish to pick these flowers. It’s a really good idea that you select the dry day rather than humid weather.

Find out the best location you can put them: Make a little space in the house for flowers, and find the spot where they will permanently live. Once again, it depends upon preservation method; however you must try and find the right location before you begin.

Perfect pick to any event

When looking to decorate the event, selecting fresh blooms is a common option. But, the main issue when selecting to decorate with the fresh blooms is one may need to start their decorations on a same day owing to its vulnerable nature of the fresh flowers, when plucked and cut.

They look really good for some time while but dry out & wither away, unlike the dried flowers that have been through this drying process and retain the natural look doesn’t matter what day you select to use it. Thus, when decorating any event, you may plan some days earlier & deck up an area by using the dried flowers and include some fresh flowers before an event kicks.