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What are the harmful effects of extended gaming hours?

Gaming has become a popular source of entertainment and a hobby for individuals of all ages all around the world. However, there are many gamers around the world but you have to know what the effects of playing games for long time are. Whatever your habit is you should not get addicted to avoid the harmful effects.  Also, there are numerous benefits to gaming and you can use cod boosting if you play cod. We look at some of the most common side effects of gaming:

Issues with vision

Most video games require long time to finish the game. This forces the player to keep attentive during play time, and the need to stare at the screen creates eye strain.

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Aggressive behaviour and mental health issues

Violent video games are will increase aggressive behaviour among gamers. Children are more likely to be impacted if they are exposed to violent games from an early age. This may lead to more impulsive and violent behaviour.

Prolonged gaming results in an unhealthy way of living

Gaming for lengthy periods of time without a break often results in the player sitting in a chair inactively for long periods of time as they immerse themselves in the world of video games.


Because of the lack of movement, sitting in the same position for hours produces stiffness and discomfort, which can lead to persistent back problems.

You should not get addicted only then you can escape from getting these harmful effects. Everyone have to fix their own time limit before playing games. Adults can also play games like GTA or COD or NFS. This will develop planning and creating strategies. You can use cod boosting if you choose to play COD. Before choosing to play a game you have to do a research and get to know most of the games.